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Aaron Parks

Artist Profile: Aaron Parks Seeing Parks live is harder to do with your eyes open than shut. soldes coque iphone Hearing him brings to mind great jazz virtuosos such as Bennie Green, Herbie Hancock andContinue reading

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Alan Pasqua

Artist Profile: Alan Pasqua Born in New Jersey, Alan Pasqua began studying piano at the age of seven, playing both classical and jazz. coque iphone 8 He attended Indiana University, and received his Bachelors DegreeContinue reading

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Andy Bey

Artist Profile: Andy Bey Listening for the first time to Andy Bey is like stepping into a quiet, still lake. coque iphone 8 Your foot first parts a surface that’s smooth and tranquil, but youContinue reading

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Bill Cunliffe

Artist Profile: Bill Cunliffe Grammy nominated composer, arranger and jazz pianist Bill Cunliffe is gathering nationwide attention with his innovative and swinging recordings and compositions He first fell under the influence of jazz by studyingContinue reading

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Bill Fulton

Artist Profile: Bill Fulton Bill Fulton was born in Oakland, California and spent his childhood in nearby Alameda. coque iphone 2019 It is there where he started his music study at the age of 7Continue reading

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Bob Florence

Artist Profile: Bob Florence 2000 Grammy® Award WINNER! (Best Large Jazz Ensemble Performance) Serendipity 18 (MMF 1025)Bob Florence is one of those rare musicians who is so multi-talented that he is impossible to pigeonhole. FlorenceContinue reading

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Brian Friedland

Artist Profile: Brian Friedland As one of the six finalists chosen for the American Jazz Pianist finals in Indianapolis, coque iphone x Brian was then a 21-year old pianist living in Los Angeles. Since thatContinue reading

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Christian Jacob

Artist Profile: Christian Jacob Born in Lorraine, France, Christian Jacob began playing classical music at age 4 and became immersed in the music of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, whose harmonic universe was influential onContinue reading

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Dan del Negro

      Artist Profile: Dan Del Negro Dan Del Negro –Piano. coque iphone 2019 pas cher Dan was born on the south side of Chicago and his musical career is steeped in the traditionsContinue reading