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Alan Pasqua

Artist Profile: Alan Pasqua Born in New Jersey, Alan Pasqua began studying piano at the age of seven, playing both classical and jazz. He attended Indiana University, and received his Bachelors Degree in Jazz StudiesContinue reading

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Anthony Smith

Artist Profile: Anthony Smith Anomaly! Songwriter! Keyboard genius! Born the mysterious son of two professional artists Anthony Smith knows no creative limits. He has mastered the craft of piano key solos and melodies. From jazzContinue reading

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Bill Fulton

Artist Profile: Bill Fulton Bill Fulton was born in Oakland, California and spent his childhood in nearby Alameda. It is there where he started his music study at the age of 7 on the trumpet,Continue reading

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Brandon Coleman

Artist Profile: Brandon Coleman Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Brandon had a very musical brother, Marcus Coleman who taught him how to play piano and organ. He attended the Colburn School of PerformingContinue reading

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Danny Yamamoto

Artist Profile: Danny Yamamoto A graduate of Los Angeles’ Dorsey High School, Danny has had a lifelong love affair with music. Beginning with the accordion (yes, the accordion) Danny, reflective of his eclectic tastes inContinue reading

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Dave Kelly

Artist Profile: Dave Kelly Dave Kelly is an accomplished keyboard player who brings along a variety of instruments to his gigs, which also includes the occasional Hammond B3.

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Don Randi

Artist Profile: Don Randi Just think of nearly every piano lick you’ve ever heard on hit records from the 60’s, 70’s and beyond, and you’ll begin to get a feeling for the amazing composing andContinue reading

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Dave Bradshaw Jr.

Every summer needs that perfect contemporary jazz tune celebrating the joyful energy of being alive and basking in the sunshine. The summer of 2015 gets its anthem a few months early with the high spirited,Continue reading

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David Garfield

Artist Profile: David Garfield Garfield has one of those who’s who, what’s what resumes that begs the question, what HASN’T he done? Over the span of his career, he’s scored and recorded for films (“Annie,”Continue reading