About Us

All music is played live. In the studio, the musicians perform live. In our corner of the world, we only deal with live music in live music venues. We never play any pre-recorded music.

This puts us in rare company. From the largest most prestigious concert halls, theaters and festivals – to the smallest, funkiest clubs you can imagine. We have that exclusive access to the live music. When you can’t make it to the show – we bring the show to you.

How many times have you heard your friends say “You should have been there.” Well, we are there – there for you. Just about everybody comes through LA, and that’s when we move to take you closer to the music and the musicians.

Our live engineers are the best in the business at capturing the essence of a live musical performance, and our unprecedented access to such a variety of music is the result. And it’s all here for you to enjoy on The Music Syndicate.