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Lou Castro

Lou Castro is the bassist and singer in Oui’ 3. He’s been associated with artists such as Mandrill, Arthur Adams, Albert Lee, Sir Sodoff & The Trainwrecks featuring Vivian Campbell, Carla Olson, Chris Cain, andContinue reading

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Alex Ligertwood

Artist Profile: Alex Ligertwood His voice is recognized literally the world over as the lead vocalist of Santana. For over 16 years with Carlos Santana, Alex Ligertwood provided his unique sound and interpretation on 12Continue reading

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Amber Whitlock

Artist Profile: Amber Whitlock Amber Whitlock is an accomplished singer that currently leads a jazz quartet in the San Diego area. Amber’s recording credits include long standing house vocal section leader for the T. K.Continue reading

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Andy Bey

Artist Profile: Andy Bey Listening for the first time to Andy Bey is like stepping into a quiet, still lake. Your foot first parts a surface that’s smooth and tranquil, but you can’t really tellContinue reading

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Billy Vera

Artist Profile: Billy Vera Billy Vera & the Beaters began in early 1979. Not long after moving to Los Angeles to write songs for Warner Brothers Music, Billy Vera ran into his former bass playerContinue reading

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Bill Henderson

Artist Profile: Bill Henderson Sounding rich, full and the seasoned veteran that he is, Mr. Henderson entertained in true Hollywood style. Joking with the audience as he plied his trade, feeling comfortable in front ofContinue reading

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Bill Magee

Artist Profile: Bill Magee Born in Collins, Mississippi in 1943, Bill moved to New York (upstate) at age 13 where almost immediately he got into the music scene. In the early 1960s Bill met andContinue reading