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Jim Xavier

Jim Xavier was born in New Bedford, MA., a historical whaling city of years past, rich with talented artists and musicians today. While in high school he began his love of marching percussion and playingContinue reading

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Cecil Brooks

Cecil Brooks III is an American jazz drummer who has worked with, among others, Marvin Peterson, Andrew Hill, Arthur Blythe,Russell Gunn, Etta Jones and Jimmy Ponder. A native of the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,Continue reading

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Ray Brinker

RAY BRINKER is a professional drummer based in Los Angeles, CA. Ray received a Bachelor Of Music in Jazz Studies from North Texas State University, and performed as a member of NTSU’s Grammy-nominated 1 O’ClockContinue reading

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Abraham Lagrimas Jr.

Artist Profile: Abe Lagrimas Jr. At age 23, Abraham “Abe” Lagrimas, Jr. is one of the most gifted musical artists to emerge from the state of Hawaii. A drumming sensation from an early age, he’sContinue reading

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Aaron Serfaty

Artist Profile: Aaron Serfaty Aaron Serfaty has been playing professionally for 17 years. From 1980 – 1990 he was a first call session drummer in his native country of Venezuela. He moved to Los AngelesContinue reading

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Adam Deitch

Artist Profile: Adam Deitch When asked about the newest band member, drummer Adam Deitch, Sco says: “I’ve worked with all kinds of great drummers but I knew I found the right guy the first timeContinue reading

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Al Williams

Artist Profile: Al Williams Al Williams organized his first band, The Modern Jazz Majors, in college, building a glowing “rep” in local clubs such as The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach. As Williams’ popularity grew, heContinue reading

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Andy Roth

Artist Profile: Andy Roth Andy Roth is a musician who delivers and works on computers during the day. I’ve been performing and recording drums in the greater Seattle area and abroad for over 20 years.Continue reading

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Bernie Dresel

Artist Profile: Bernie Dresel Bernie has been performing with a wide array of artist in a variety of situations. Well known as the drummer with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, we have worked with Bernie onContinue reading