2000 Lbs. of Blues

2000 Lbs. Of Blues Sample: 2000 Lbs “This bands’ energy is infectious and catches most people by surprise. 2000 LBS OF BLUES is a dream band for a good time! If you are going toContinue reading

Artist, Bass

Abe Laboriel

Abraham Laboriel, Sr. (b. July 17, 1947) Abraham Laboriel is a world renowned bassist and the founder of the band KOINONIA. He was born and raised in Mexico City where he received his earliest musicalContinue reading

Artist, Bass

Adam Cohen

Artist Profile: Adam Cohen Through the years, the Los Angeles music scene has become a proving ground for first-rate bass playing. It’s where players can go from underdog to top dog; where musicians get togetherContinue reading

Artist, Drums

Adam Deitch

Artist Profile: Adam Deitch When asked about the newest band member, drummer Adam Deitch, Sco says: “I’ve worked with all kinds of great drummers but I knew I found the right guy the first timeContinue reading

Artist, Sax

Adam Schroeder

Artist Profile: Adam Schroeder Los Angeles based, Baritone Saxophonist Adam Schroeder is rapidly becoming a major force throughout the global jazz scene. Schroeder is know equally for his studious leadership as well as his musicalityContinue reading


Agent 22

Artist Profile: Agent 22 Agent 22 is as fascinating to watch as they are to listen to and enjoy. Tom Griesgraber plays a multi-stringed instrument called a Chapman Stick, and Ryan Moran plays drums andContinue reading

Artist, Drums

Al Williams

Artist Profile: Al Williams Al Williams organized his first band, The Modern Jazz Majors, in college, building a glowing “rep” in local clubs such as The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach. As Williams’ popularity grew, heContinue reading

Artist, Keyboard, Piano

Alan Pasqua

Artist Profile: Alan Pasqua Born in New Jersey, Alan Pasqua began studying piano at the age of seven, playing both classical and jazz. He attended Indiana University, and received his Bachelors Degree in Jazz StudiesContinue reading

Artist, Sax

Albert Wing

Artist Profile: Albert Wing Albert Wing belongs to the elite Frank Zappa band alumni. Anyone who knows the Zappa legacy knows this means virtuoso talent. One of the best saxophonists in the world, Albert hasContinue reading

Artist, Trombone

Alex Isles

Alex started the playing the trombone in the public school system in Arcadia, California. He went on to attend UCLA, where he received his B.A. in 1983. While at UCLA, Alex received several performance awardsContinue reading