John Scofield

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John Scofield

john_scofield_1Hold on to your hat… Always innovative, John has employed some cool sound for his latest musical release überjam.

Scofield continues: “Avi Bortnick is a rhythm guitar master. Between the two of us, we cover just about everything a guitar can and should do. It’s hard to find a player who likes laying in the groove while I play endless solos! When Avi expressed an interest to get into sampling a few years back, I never realized that he would quickly turn into the electro-magician that he is today!”

Of bass player Jesse Murphy, Scofield says: “Jesse is the most intuitive and like-minded bass player that I’ve played with in a long time. He is truly eclectic musically; he knows and appreciates so many different styles. He has the perfect temperament for a bassist — boundless energy blended with the directed focus of a traffic cop. That’s very hard to find and essential for a good band!”

When asked about the newest band member, drummer Adam Deitch, Sco says: “I’ve worked with all kinds of great drummers but I knew I found the right guy the first time I played with Adam. He’d been anchoring down the current version of the Average White Band, which tells you something about his groove. He throws ideas at you all night long.”

john_scofield_2For something completely different, John’s latest work takes you down a funk groove, throws in the latest dub and drum loop techno, and adds a bit of grit. You really will love the sound and the musical energy of this show.