Artist Profile:

Keith Lowe

keith_lowe_1In over thirty years of playing, he have yet to meet a musical style that he doesn’t like. He’s played and recorded in many different genres including orchestral, pop, rock, electronic, ambient, folk, bluegrass, jazz, roots, blues, and country. This has resulted in a wide-ranging, comprehensive and eclectic style.

Keith has played/recorded with:

David Sylvian, Wayne Horvitz, Steve Jansen, Fiona Apple, Robin Holcomb, Russell Mills, Akira Rabelais, Bill Frisell, Kelly Joe Phelps, Steve Dawson, Jim Byrnes, Matt Chamberlain, Miles and Karina, Orville Johnson, Heather Greene, Johanna Kunin, Scott Amendola, Gary Stroutsos, Laura Veirs, David Lanz, Keith Little, Skerik.keith_lowe_2