Recording Agreement

This is our private Artist Recording Agreement Summary.

This agreement is a simple one-page document that clarifies the relationship between Inside Jazz and the artists that appear in our programming.

We produce our programs by shooting/recording in our private studios located in Glendale, CA. We provide multi-track recording along with multi-cam production to capture the action. Here are some of the basic details:

  • This agreement establishes the Dual Ownership of all the audio/video masters created during the production. This covers the individual .wav audio files and .mp4 video files.
  • Both Inside Jazz and the artists independently own this same set of master files.
  • The artist can create promotional content, CDs for commercial release, etc.
  • Inside Jazz can use the files to create podcasts, streaming audio, and other syndicated audio and video content.
  • All video product published from these files must contain credits including Inside Jazz and Tim Pinch.
  • The artist agrees to provide at least 30 minutes or 50% of the performance time of original music, or contrafact music, or a performance based on public domain music. The artist gives full permission to Inside Jazz to use this music as Inside Jazz is a full owner of the master files.
  • Artist may utilize the studio for the puspose of rehearsal with advance permission.
  • Basic cameras are static positions with PTZ capability. Cameras may have operators and a director for an additioal fee if the artist wishes.