Membership Options

Here is the general idea of separate packages where we have grouped our content.

Streaming Radio Service: [Basic Package]

Basic 24/7 streaming radio station playing automated programming from our archives, voice-tracked programs. Also includes portions of Live Broadcasts, Interviews and Music News.

Artist Interviews: [Interview Package]

Full long-form Video interviews available as a VOD on-demand package. Audio excerpts from some of these interviews will be included in the Streaming Audio Service.

Live Broadcasts: [Broadcast Package]

Full long-form Video broadcasts available as a VOD on-demand package. Portions of many Live Broadcasts will be included in the basic Streaming Audio Service.

Music News: [News Package]

Full long-form Video program available as a VOD on-demand Package. Portions included in the basic Streaming Audio Service.

Taping Package: [Taping Package]

Special unique Packages with several benefits. Each will contain a full year of the Basic Streaming Service and 6 months of all available on-demand services.

Each Package will also feature an invitation to request a reservation to attend a Private Live Taping of the specified program. The reservations are made available on an invitation-only basis.

PPV Package: [PPV Package]

These will be standard PPV broadcasts that will allow a subscriber to watch an entire Live Video Broadcast.


This is how we might present the Subscription options to our visitors:

A Standard Membership gives full access to the 24/7 Streaming Radio Service, and an abbreviated access to selected VOD content. Billed Month-to-Month basis, or Annually.

Our Premium Membership will include everything in the Standard Membership, plus full access to our archives of VOD content. Billed Month-to-Month, or Annually.

Our Taping Package is connected to our Private Taping Sessions. It is a Membership that includes tremendously discounted Premium services, plus invites the member to make a reservation to a Private Taping Session. These packages will be offered one at a time.

PPV Events enable a Member to watch a single Live Video Broadcast.