Coming Soon: Artist Listening Channels

We are excited to announce a major new feature here at The Music Syndicate.

In addition to our live streaming radio channel, we are introducing Artist Listening Channels. Artist Listening Channels will be found on the artist’s Bio page.

Clicking on the Artist Playlist button will launch a popout player that will contain every song in our archives on which the artist plays. No longer will you be confined to our streaming radio channel (which is still great,) but you will be able to listen to the music of any musician on our system.

In addition to hearing the artist playing on all the songs, each song shows you when/where the performance was recorded, and who plays what instrument on each song. With this service you will soon learn about all the other musicians.

When you want to listen to other songs on which that musician plays, you can then just visit the Bio and the Listening Channel for that musician. It is a very comprehensive way to quickly learn who is who, and enjoy the absolutely best in live music.