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Dave Curtis

dave_curtis_1My love for music began as a child when I started piano lessons, however, I always liked making up my own songs rather than playing the ones the teacher wanted me to.

As I got older, I started singing in a band and got very proficient at coming up with good, catchy melodies. The only problem was the music. Since I had no understanding of music theory, the more I tried to convey my ideas to other musicians, the more frustrated I got. Although I had many successes and wrote many songs, I always felt there was a better way… there was.

My first solution was to play piano and guitar myself, so I could figure out all the parts. Although this helped with the communication problem, I would still find myself with a great, catchy melody, trying hundreds of chords, hoping I would stumble onto the right ones, or having a great part that I couldn’t get to go with anything else.dave_curtis_2

Finally, out of sheer frustration, in Feb. 1991 I went to study music theory with Rick Barda, Alumni of Berkley, G.I.T. and Dick Grove School of Music. I finally found the answers I was looking for and have been studying music theory ever since.

I have organized and simplified the best of everything I have learned into several courses that are both easy to learn and use, including a 5 Guitar books ,3 Bass Books and several Play Along and Practice Book and CD Sets. These Can be used in private lessons at my School or purchased over the internet so you can learn at home.

I also have in-depth Private lessons for Song Writing, Harmony and advanced music theory for advanced or career musicians.